Is this property suitable for an AVM usage?

AVM cascades remain the “go to” application for many AVM uses, including Home Equity lending. But using cascading AVMs as a method for choosing which valuation tool to use for a given property carries with it some unintended and unpleasant consequences.

Most, but not all properties are viable candidates for AVM use and lenders need to determine whether or not an AVM is an appropriate property valuation tool for the subject property before engaging any AVM.
But how can you tell if an AVM is an appropriate valuation tool for a specific property?
Our new white paper outlines a next generation alternative to existing cascade approaches that assesses and determines property-specific AVM suitability upfront, resulting in more accurate AVM answers and creating a superior experience for both lenders and consumers.

For a limited time, you are not charged anything on your first 25 VeroPRECISION AVMs!

  • Significantly increase AVM accuracy by identifying and eliminating non-suitable properties upfront
  • Enhance overall performance and mitigate valuation-related risk by eliminating valuation outliers

*Complimentary mini portfolio review includes up to 25 residential properties. Eligibility is limited to mortgage purchase, refinance and home equity lenders; mortgage servicers, capital markets firms and appraisal management companies. Current VeroPRECISION customers are not eligible for this special offer.