Efficient Collateral Valuation Key to Success Whitepaper

Lenders need an efficient method to determine which borrowers have sufficient equity to qualify for a home equity loan. To accomplish this, they need access to a platform that meets three requirements. It must provide easy access to a wide range of valuation tools, be compliant and offer the transparency needed to demonstrate that compliance to regulators, and it must not require the lender to staff up to leverage the technology.

A web-based management platform designed for use by mortgage industry participants who order, manage or supply valuation products, VeroSELECT allows users to manage multiple valuation tools through a centralized system, offering the flexibility, scalability, control and compliance that today’s industry requires. Learn how lenders are leveraging VeroSELECT to gain instant access to comprehensive valuation tools that provide real insight at the local market level.

Download Efficient Collateral Valuation Key to Success in 2018 to explore:

  • Trends that will tell us where new mortgage origination business is
  • The inefficiencies lenders must build into their process in order to capitalize on new business opportunities
  • Where the home purchase origination will trend in the coming years

Publisher: Veros Real Estate Solutions
Date: May 2018